Toyin Adekale
“THE JOURNEY CONTINUES” - The devastating loss of Toyin's 21-year-old son, took her on a roller coaster of overwhelming pain, that would take Toyin to a crossroad in her life. Her parting conversation with Bakari (the youngest of her 2 children), was to encourage her to follow the path that he believes God has cut out for her, to continue her music and inspiring others, to get back to her purpose and her passion. All injected into this 14 track album.

Here Toyin gives some deep insight into some of the songs:
"Raining Abundance H&H Mix" taken from the album "THE JOURNEY CONTINUES", is a
reminder to one and all that some of these stirrings are not always good ideas, but God Ideas.

God has put this in you because you have a purpose for the gifts he has given you. Stepping out in faith, he will "Order Your Steps", and place the next provision to accomplish this with every faith step you take, but "Faith without Action is Dead", so your faith action will ignite the next steps. This might well be where your abundance lies. Will there be hurdles? Of course, there will, but hurdles are diversions, but they are NOT permanent. Ask any athlete, they're for getting over and sometimes, knocking down...but don't give up.

Soulful, Jazzy overtones on this easy-listening reggae, that engages you to listen, but grooves move you to rock, whilst touching you with a warmth that you can relate to, regardless of your musical tastes. Toyin Adekale's voice has always floated effortlessly over Soul, Jazz and her first love of Reggae, bringing you to the core of her lyrics.
"THANK YOU MAMA" Toyin always writes close to home and tells not only her feelings but yours too.

Who wouldn't want to say 'Thank You' to that special parent who made sacrifices
for you? "ADDICTIVE LOVE", the icing on the cake of testimonies. Roger Samuels (The Voice UK's semi-finalist), features on this track, coming full circle to when Toyin first met Roger, whilst teaching vocal lessons and performance in South London. Then a young man who had no idea of the talent buried in him, they reunite as a family man and a powerhouse of a vocalist.

In this reunion, Roger shares the impact Toyin had on him those many years ago and now they're together sharing the reason for the season. Watch out for the interviews that tell it all.

The highs and lows, the love gains and lives lost, the pain has propelled the project to its’ purpose. If you're reading this, it's not over, you're not down and out. Get up, brush off, listen, dance and enjoy because......"THE JOURNEY CONTINUES".

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