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Helen Le Paul’s lively radio show Heartbeat (sponsored by Zoe Records), celebrates its 8th year on UGN Radio. ‘ HEARTBEAT’ The show (talking of matters of the hear) entices the UGN Radio community to listen weekly, to the 2 hour programme which incorporates a mix of great music, straight talk covering topical subjects, motivational thoughts, practical life skills based on biblical principles, also includes featured guests and interviews. Recently Helen made the most exciting decision to take a step of faith, responding to her call to work with husband Dave P running Radio. “Since that step it has been more like a sprint” she says- enjoying the fast paced daily life of a 24 hour global gospel radio station. Helen has been a presenter on a number of radio shows over the years, previously co presenting Sunday morning gospel shows on Premier Gospel Radio, Colourful Radio and Choice fm with Dave P. Helen started to DJ in 1989 and whilst working at a local commercial radio station, where she first discovered her love for radio. Soon after in 1990 she joined a local Hospital radio station. RADIO training – “Learning in continuous” and Helen says she learns something new every day on UGN Radio. Before that, she trained for 11 years at in hospital radio stations, learning programming, editing, production, interviewing and editing skills, She had her own specialist music show playing soul, jazz, funk and gospel, She interviewed well-known artists such as the legendary soul artist Roy Ayres, meeting renowned gospel pioneer Andréa Crouch , Ron Kenoly and the UK’s Noel Robinson, to name a few. She loves people and says that everyone has a unique story to tell. MUSIC- Passionate about music and heavily influenced in the 70 & 80’s by jazz, dance and soul music, using her piano/keyboard skills she learnt to produce her own music and loved to have regular jam sessions with other musicians, From the reel to reel to digital editing utilizing those skills also went on to Head the Production the Hospital Radio station. Becoming a Christian - Continuing her journey, Helen discovered gospel music after moving to London in the mid 90’s, where she joined a gospel singing workshop. She was so moved by the power of gospel music, that she soon became a Christian and went onto help launch gospel workshops in her local community centre. These ran successfully for a number of years. From there she continued to sing in various groups, praise and worship. Career 30 years experience in the media working for national consumer magazines, working at IPC Media/Time Inc UK Ltd for last 7 years as their Classified Trainer. Previously in newspapers, business magazines, commercial radio, TV and PR. Ten years ago she also followed her passion for empowering people and trained for 2 years to be a Life Coach accredited be the ILM PASSION - “It is so important to empower people and UGN Radio provides the vehicle, with our messages of encouragement and playing sweet gospel music , reaching the heart of the listener

Presenter Helen Le Paul